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Continuing on with our series where you guys get to know us a little bit more, we thought we’d move on to another member of the UniMate family! We love sharing the process of what we do as we’re also students, working part-time on UniMate. In today’s blog we get to know Irina, the girl behind our socials.

Irina (left) and UniMate CEO Charlotte (right)

So Irina, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m originally Romanian but I’ve lived a majority of my life in Luxembourg. I did my Bachelor’s with Charlotte at Uni of Leeds (go Gryphons!) and I’m currently undertaking a Marketing Master’s in Trinity College Dublin (go...uhhh...leprechauns?).

How did you join UniMate?

Completely by chance actually! Charlotte and I had worked on coding a website back in March for a course we took. She then introduced me to some Flutter and Dart courses which is where I ended up loving app development. I jumped to the idea of coding the app with Charlotte when she told me about the concept and unknowingly took on a much larger task than I could handle. Let’s just say my coding skills still needed a lot (!) of brushing up on so we welcomed Becca onboard later on in the process.

What’s your role in the UniMate family?

I do the marketing. I know the terms ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’ have negative connotations but hear me out. UniMate is just a team of 2 students and 1 recent graduate with no money to invest in large advertising campaigns. Our social media accounts are run solely by us and our posts come from a place of understanding - we’re going through the same thing as most students: the stress, sleepless nights, and now added on top of that a pandemic (!). So we just want to connect with other students through our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blog posts because we’re in the same boat as them. We want to really understand what other students need and want from the app and that’s why we base UniMate around you guys. Please feel free to always contact us through any of our socials and just chat about how you think UniMate can help you with your grading and university experience. If it takes us a little long to reply just know that we’re probably buried under some coursework haha.

The welcome page of the website we had worked on!

What are your dreams and hopes for UniMate?

I’d love to see UniMate become a community of students helping each other out throughout their grading and university experience! I hope we can explore more features for the app and take into consideration what each one of you wants. I want UniMate to also help students who, like me, can get a bit overwhelmed with grade tracking and tend to put it off.

What’s your favourite part of being a student?

All the new people you get to meet. I’ve changed country 3 times during my university experience and I’ve met so many interesting, culturally-diverse people that have shaped me to be the person I am today.

Are you a dog or cat person?

Dog. What psycho would say cats? (Looking at you Charlotte….).

What’s your favourite student night out?

I don’t mean to be *that* person but I loved Beaverworks.

Terrace or Old Bar?

Old Bar just because of the curly fries.

What’s something you did over lockdown?

I got into meditation. I’d recommend the Headspace app to anybody and everybody!

So that was the second part of our UniMate getting to know us series. We’re hoping you enjoy getting little sneak peaks of the team behind this all. Feel free to comment down below your favourite night out or what hobbies you’ve picked up over lockdown! Sign up to our mailing list on the Home page in order to be one of the firsts to know when UniMate will be available on the App and Google Play Store and make sure to keep in touch with us on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find out more student life tips and other fun content. If you enjoyed this post check out our previous post where we reveal our top studying tips!


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